Subnautica History Wiki

This article lists the Wiki's current Guidelines.

Main Rules

  1. No swearing
  2. No trolls/trolling
  3. No offensive content and jokes (jokes are allowed, but not offensive ones)
  4. Inappropriate user profile images and images (You will be banned)
  5. Be nice to others
  6. No vandalism (You will be banned if you do as punishment)

Editing Articles

  1. Only use accurate and properly cited or sourced information
  2. Only 12 pictures per gallery (if more make a /gallery page for the respective article)
  3. If information isn't cited or doesn't have a source, if you can, post an image or whatever the reliable source is in the comments section of the respective article.

User Page Rules/Comments Section Rules

  1. Advertising is not allowed
  2. Editing other user's pages is strictly prohibited, unless for correcting grammar and punctuation
  3. Repeating/spamming certain use of language in the comments sections will be deleted (such as spamming lol and XD)
  4. Unnecessary/off topic comments will be deleted

Admin Rules

  1. Abusing your admin powers such as blocking people for unnecessary reasons will result in you losing your privileges as an admin
  2. If you are mean and disobey rules, you will lose your admin powers

As a result, if you break those above rules, you will be terminated from the possibility to be an admin again.