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The Old Grand Reef was an earlier and first draft of the Grand Reef. Unique crystal like objects were found in this biome, which are currently unused today. The ground was textured in sandy brown textures and cyan coloured masses and grasses covered the seafloor. The normal Floating Pods and Membrain Trees could still be found here. Purple Pinecones dominated the areas too, but today they are only found in the Mushroom Forest and Deep Grand Reef. Towards the Southwestern side of the Biome, the original Buildings were found, along with flat, barren areas. These areas could be found all around the outskirts with the Void and previously unassigned Biomes. A huge Lava Zone hole was present, which bared similarities to a giant sinkhole, due to its steep walls.


The first part of the revamp was on July 10th, 2015, when the Deep Grand Reef was added, but with no Fauna, and it had an orange, murky water atmosphere. This is when the whole Biome was revamped and completely filling up most of its empty areas. The Purple Pinecones were removed from the Old Grand Reef and were transferred only to the Deep Grand Reef and the huge Lava Zone entrance hole was covered up. All the crystal objects were removed (still removed to this day)

The second part of the revamp was on July 14th, 2015, when the Old Grand Reef's spikes were removed. The Buildings were polished, with the main Building removed intirely.