Subnautica History Wiki


TODO: UPDATE 5 (Matcacon) (July 25th 2017)

  • YouTube Video Integrator (Maybe)
  • Clean Up Wikia CSS
  • Extra CSS Cleanups
  • Start on tools/other things
  • Finish all old biomes pages (may push for Matcacon)

TODO: UPDATE 6 (Zatrana) (August 14th 2017) FINAL PREP FOR RELEASE


TODO: UPDATE 1 (April 24th 2017)

  • Notice Templates
  • Finalise Template: Not 100% Known
  • Finalise Badges
  • Fix Category Links
  • Fix Tabber colour and size in MediaWiki:CSS

TODO: UPDATE 2 (Aurjs) (May 27th 2017)

  • Trello playtesting board link
  • Update to do list
  • Add all YouTube Video Showcases to all update pages
  • Add wrecks to farming update
  • Add earlier tab to Old Grand Reef
  • Find Free Photoshop Program (If Possible)
  • Soundcloud Integrator

TODO: UPDATE 3 (Updation Update) (June 16th 2017)

  • Complete all updates pages
  • Updated Wikia Design
  • Redraft Update Pages
  • Update Infobox Changes
  • Add all websites to Update pages
  • SimilarName Template
  • Article Anniversary Template
  • Subnautica XBOX Updates
  • Navbox Codes
  • Start Navboxes
  • Precursor Caches
  • List of Plants That Became Harvestable in the Farming Update
  • Add All Soundtracks To Update Pages