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The Water Filtration Machine Update was a minor update, released on Friday, November 20th 2015.

It introduced the Water Filtration Machine.


The Water Filtration Machine Update introduced the Water Filtration Machine, a new buildable base module which can be built to produce two salt deposits and two big filtered waters. It can only be built inside a Room, and requires power to operate.

Big Filtered Water is a new item, which is an upgraded version of the normal water bottles. They can be made with the Water Filtration Machine. They refill +50 H2.O, and include actual crafting models.


The Water Filtration Machine Update updated a small portion of the gameplay.

Update Soundtrack

The Update soundtrack is a short snippet of the Farming Update soundtrack, and is currently unreleased.

YouTube Video

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The YouTube Video showcase can be found here:



  • The Water Filtration Machine Update was one of the updates not to feature its own update site